Monthly Archives: January 2015

Stella McCartney summer campaign

The demands on fashion houses are so great now…many collections to design and fashion shows to present (resort and pre-fall shows now in the calendar too) and much higher expectations about the collection promos.  Now films are a big part of package.  Here is a charming video for Stella McCartney’s summer collection.

I love these dresses she did with the collage of different prints.

And the choice of music is interesting too…no surprises I guess… (more…)

More Marni

I was looking for some images of clothes with polka dots for a fabric I will be posting in a minute and came across this Marni promo video.  This whole celebrity culture thing can get a bit much…but I still like looking at the clothes!

Style crush – Lucinda Chambers

No-one can throw prints together as well as Lucinda Chambers, hailed as one of the world’s great fashion editors and stylists.  And her Vogue editorials, in the decades since Lucinda became fashion director of British Vogue…well, all of them are admired but some have been elevated to the truly iconic status.



Roberto Cavalli green leaves silk

This fabric is the product of a hunt.  I had seen a woman looking fab in this sensational green leaves top while she was at the stop light next to me.  I could see the “Just Cavalli” signature in the fabric.  Hence the hunt began.


I trawled the silk sections of a number of stores and asked widely.  (more…)