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Back in early September

First can I say thank you to each and every person who visits here and support my occasional little fabric venture.  You are all just so wonderful to deal with and I feel very lucky to have you all in my fabric orbit xx

I will be out of action now for 5 weeks, returning early September for just a couple of weeks and then I will be off again.  It will be like this until the end of the year.  I will try to have another burst of fabric listings in the next period at home as I still have a serious amount of fabric downsizing to do.  So please keep an eye for those couple of weeks in September.

In the meantime, I will not be on the site at all and can’t pick up any emails sent to me using the email link provided here.  If you have a query, please do email me, but please note I won’t be able to answer your mail until I return.

Thanks everyone!

M!lly silk twill – from Rococo to Baroque

The M!lly designers certainly do a great job of mining classic design styles but giving them a twist to bring them completely up-to-date.


This silk twill epitomises that I think with its modern colouration and bold rendition of the graphics.


Rococo string of pearls M!lly silk crepe de chine SOLD


Perhaps some of you may share the M!lly fabric infatuation that I’ve had?  This one is a charm too.


This print is full of the whimsy that I love so much…


Stencilled flower red wool cotton SOLD


I am not going to be able to tell you as much about this fabric as I would like to be able to and for that reason will mark down the price a bit. I am sure there a name for the technique used in created the interesting effect on the fabric face.


It seems to me that a process has been used to fuse a felted-like layer over a base fabric in this stencilled flower effect.


Designer duchess silk satin – black with embroidered flowers

I had fantasies for this fabric, absolutely harboured it…and with the delicate white and yellow centred embroidered daisies strewn across the fabric face, I knew that I would choose some white and yellow contrast silks and work them all into some lovely dress crafted from this great, great fabric.


I’m not even sure that it is possible to wander into a store and hope to see a designer duchess satin anymore?


Italian tweed/bouclé wool woven in complex purples & blacks SOLD


Bouclé and tweedy woollens are amongst my most favourite fabrics in the whole wide world.  An in my ideal world, I would have the time and fancy to sit down and pad-stitch and steam shape top quality woollens to my heart’s content.


In real life, the woollen is a little less violet than in this image, a softer, deeper colour.  But this image is good to show the depth and complexity of the weave and amazing woollen threads that have been brought together here.


Truly elegant grey & black double crepe de chine silk SOLD


I bought this beautiful and very high-quality silk…


…with a dedicated project in mind…


Japanese embroidered kimono silk roll SOLD


Here’s something a bit different.  Are there any lovers of vintage Japanese kimono silks out there?


If you are not familiar with the world of the kimono silks here’s another fabric avenue to become infatuated with :))


Italian designer deep crimson roses wool woven SOLD


Now I know none of my images will be able to capture the full beauty of this stunning wool woven.  Trust me, it is swoon-worthy.


This image captures the tone and colours of the fabric as much as my camera will permit.  The actual colours are deeper and moodier and even closer in the tonal range than depicted here as my camera just loves to pick up the reds and highlight them.  I don’t know how to adjust that!


Silk/lycra georgette with swirling aqua & blue graphics SOLD


No surprises that I have a fondness for lovely little silks and here’s another one.  Again, it’s a silk georgette/lycra straight from the garment district in the city that never sleeps.



M!lly noughts and crosses Italian wool woven

You see so many silks on this page but I’ve hardly had a chance to showcase my love of woollen fabric.  And it’s a lot of love!  This designer wool woven from the Italian mills is an example.


This weave in undeniably modern, combining as it does some traditional tweed weaves and then the polka dot weave in this colour-reversing noughts and crosses composition.


Silk for afternoon tea at Miss Havishams SOLD


Hmmm, what is that with the title…maybe this is the by-product of doing a lot of listings in a very short time.  But I look at this beautiful silk and I see the antique, fading and slightly shabby looking paisley print and imagine afternoon tea at Miss Havisham’s dilapidated mansion.



Designer flowers silk/lycra georgette SOLD


Softer shades of maize, sand, nutmeg, willow green and lagoon blue blend beautifully in this silk georgette.


They are actually very Australian colours, even though I snapped up this lovely fabric in the NYC garment district.


Blue Persian tile linen SOLD


I think this linen is very ‘Marant”, at least I had an idea of taking inspiration from this great designer’s jackets and pants when I contemplated this fabric.



Multi coloured polka dot designer winter wool GONE


Oh what fun this fabric is!  This fabric is how you make sullen winter days a whole lot brighter…



Designer silk charmeuse in washed out limes GONE


Here is a remnant piece of a glorious Ver@ W@ng silk charmeuse.


This silk is an Italian beauty.


Stunning graphic cotton Anthr0polgie

This fabric is a big wowee.  The colours are so brilliant and the graphics are fascinating.


Obviously this one is for lovers of prints, but if that’s you, the timing couldn’t be better because there’s simply fabulous ideas for eye-catching prints out there.


Edgy black/grey Italian jacquard weave plaid wool blend SOLD


Ok, the fact that I am listing this fabric means that I am now just reaching for the first fabrics that come to my hand, even if I adore them, rather than sorting into ‘I can part with/I can’t part with’ lots.


This is a designer fabric with a capital “D”, sourced from a sample room of a top NYC designer.


Bargain corner – fabrics up to $20 or more now all for $8/m

Ok, here we go with a pile of fabrics that are all worthy of their own feature posts, but I’m running short of time and I’m happy to mark them down for a bargain price in the interests of keeping the fabric moving now.  There’s a very big bundle of fabrics here now, please read on!


French designer black and white abstract evening fabric SOLD


I do actually have some dressier fabrics I want to list but I’ve struggled to get to them.  This one is as good as any to start with.  Actually, it is stupendous!


Why is that?  It is a couture-worthy fabric from one of the top French design houses.  I have lovingly stored this fabric for at least 20 years now I think, so it qualifies as a true vintage in fabric terms (not human terms!).


Black and white Ikat-style designer silk/cotton SOLD


Ikat prints have an enduring popularity and when they are the combination of classic but edgy like this print on offer, even better.



Stunning Italian wool boucle SOLD


I bought this length of brilliant tweed boucle wool in Florence quite a few years ago.  It has been lovingly packed away in tissue and wrapped up carefully, but now the time has come to see if someone else might like to give it a home.



Delicately crinkled avocado & flowers cotton

It might be winter but the warmer months will be upon us again in no time so there is time to ponder what to make with this most perfect of fabrics.


I have hoarded this one for years, always imagining a loose and floaty top taking strong inspiration from the wonderful things that Easton Pears0n confect into life.  But there is plenty of yardage for other things too.


Paint chip card cotton/silk voile SOLD


Now a fabric for lovers of cool tones…



Little French jacket anyone? SOLD


This fabric – the one on the left in this image –  is a lovely woollen blend fabric from the studio of my favourite local designer who is sadly now winding down her business.


Readers of this website will know that I have picked up some really beautiful fabrics from this studio.  In fact, I understand some shopping may have been done today at one of her very last fabric sales.  Good thing I didn’t know about it.  I might have shopped for more fabric for the sake of nostalgia.  Go figure.


Blue Bayou silk charmeuse with touch of lycra SOLD


This lovely silk is a painterly study in blues, from the deep indigo of the foliage and trees at the bottom of the panel to the powder blue of the distant sky and then back to deeper blues of the canopy.



Missoni wool SOLD


A billion $ fashion house built on a chevron pattern, that’s the genius of Miss0ni.  They have absolutely made the chevron pattern their own and all other designers who use the chevron are mere pretenders.

In this piece, the chevron is a small-scale one.  And how’s this exquisite colourway?!


They honestly blend colours like few others.  If you are a knitter, you might know the Noro yarns and that colour mastery.  Miss0ni and Noro are counterparts I think.


Ebony and ivory flowers silk lycra SOLD


Silk perfection, that’s the only way to describe this piece…


The perfect weight and drape, the perfect length and a great print and price…


I’m back – but not for long!

First there was this…then there was that…Well, it was an internet crash that required me to establish a new connection, and I was offline while that took weeks.  Then I have had extensive work travel and you don’t need to know about the food poisoning.

Late next week I head off on another work trip for 6 weeks and I will try to have a big push on fabrics before then. This will be my work/travel routine for a while, and honestly, I can’t see fabrics in my future much at all now, so there will be heaps up for grabs.  I just won’t have the time to do lots of inspiration images etc with the fabric listings, but there will be great fabric shots!

In the meantime, I have marked down the prices of some fabrics.  Please keep scrolling right down past the non-fabric posts too as some fabric listings are a bit buried now.