Back in early September

First can I say thank you to each and every person who visits here and support my occasional little fabric venture.  You are all just so wonderful to deal with and I feel very lucky to have you all in my fabric orbit xx

I will be out of action now for 5 weeks, returning early September for just a couple of weeks and then I will be off again.  It will be like this until the end of the year.  I will try to have another burst of fabric listings in the next period at home as I still have a serious amount of fabric downsizing to do.  So please keep an eye for those couple of weeks in September.

In the meantime, I will not be on the site at all and can’t pick up any emails sent to me using the email link provided here.  If you have a query, please do email me, but please note I won’t be able to answer your mail until I return.

Thanks everyone!

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