I’m back – but not for long!

First there was this…then there was that…Well, it was an internet crash that required me to establish a new connection, and I was offline while that took weeks.  Then I have had extensive work travel and you don’t need to know about the food poisoning.

Late next week I head off on another work trip for 6 weeks and I will try to have a big push on fabrics before then. This will be my work/travel routine for a while, and honestly, I can’t see fabrics in my future much at all now, so there will be heaps up for grabs.  I just won’t have the time to do lots of inspiration images etc with the fabric listings, but there will be great fabric shots!

In the meantime, I have marked down the prices of some fabrics.  Please keep scrolling right down past the non-fabric posts too as some fabric listings are a bit buried now.

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