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Stunning silk charmeuse with red, white and blue flowers on navy SOLD


Oh my gosh, the quality of this silk is sensational.


And so is the print design, the graphics…it’s just captivating! (more…)

Divine mustard crinkle wool/silk – Oscar DLR SOLD


I haven’t posted plain colour fabrics before on this site.  Prints are so easy to make interesting to the eye on a website; plain fabrics can go completely unnoticed.  But if you are a fabric connoisseur, please do take a moment to have a look at this divine Osc@r de la Rent@ fabric.

Chloe 1

Actually, that is a Chl0e dress there on the left from the pre-Fall collection that came out just weeks ago, not Osc@r, but shows just how gorgeous this colour can look, and it is definitely a colour of the season. (more…)