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Ah Chanel…

I’m transfixed watching these videos showing the haute couture sewing techniques…this one from the house of Chanel for the Spring-Summer 2015 collection from just a short time ago.

The video on the fittings for this haute couture show and the show itself follow here…


Ratti in Northern Italy

Ever wondered what the best Italian fabric mills look like?  J Crew took a trip…

Anatomy of a Chloe jacket

Some of you will know that it has been a very up and down couple of months here, but one of the “ups”…and it is a very big “up”…was a dear friend returning from rummages through designer recycle stores in the US with this amazing Chloe jacket just for me.

I gasped!  I’m afraid true designer pieces are not in my budget (well, maybe if I hadn’t spent so much money on fabric), especially iconic jackets like this one.


This jacket is from a Phoebe Philo collection for Chloe.  She produced fantastic, really imaginative garments and truly embraced the demi-couture idea I think.  (I showed another Chloe jacket from this collection earlier in the blog too).  A close-up examination of this jacket will show you just why that description is so apt…and designer prices can sometimes be appreciated! (more…)

Jewel tones super-soft silk SOLD


This fabric is seriously the softest silk I have ever come across in my lifetime of scouring for fabrics.  I have no idea how such soft silk came to be and why I haven’t seen more of it.  I’d love to know the provenance of this piece, that’s for sure.



Now on instagram!

I’m taking some photos of fabrics as I go along and posting to instagram now.  If you want to follow, just click the insta icon/link on the right sidebar.  Also, for those who don’t know, I also provide updates on my Facebook page, link also at the right sidebar.