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Phoebe Philo…before there was Celine there was Chloe…

Phoebe Philo is well and truly anointed as queen of cool for the work she has done at Celine.  Innovative silhouettes, high restraint, opting for less rather than more, though never ‘simple’, luxury fabrics, surprising twists, healthy doses of irony in the clothes…cool, cool, cool.

But before there was Celine, quite few years back, there was Chloe.  It is quite a mark of her design prowess to be able to master aesthetics at such different points on the spectrum as Celine and Chloe represent.  At its height and throughout many seasons, Chloe was the epitome of the feminine romantic.  And the whole world was in love with what Phoebe sent down the runway.  Especially this jacket…



Liberty Art fabric Widdas Waltz

I am not sure if I still have this fabric. Please hold off on emails until I have had the chance the check, thanks.

Liberty Art fabric with the name Widdas Waltz…




Scroll embossed black stretch fabric

I am not sure if I still have this piece. Please hold off on emails until I have had the chance to check. Thanks.

I have a piece of a really special knit.  It approaches but is not quite the weight of a ponte but certainly in the medium weight group, and has a moderate stretch to it, just the perfect amount.


The embossed pattern and scroll effect is the really eye-catching aspect of this fabric though. (more…)

Deep burgundy, teal and magenta silk georgette

Please hold off on emails – I need to check whether or not I still have this piece. Thanks.

I’m rather partial to silk georgettes and especially like them when there are a couple of layers, especially a heavier plain colour georgette underneath.  This seems to give the fabric a weight and swishy-ness that it a little bit irresistible and totally great to wear.