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M!lly silk twill – from Rococo to Baroque

I have to check whether I still have this piece.  I suspect I have sold it. Hold off on emails for the moment thanks.

The M!lly designers certainly do a great job of mining classic design styles but giving them a twist to bring them completely up-to-date.


This silk twill epitomises that I think with its modern colouration and bold rendition of the graphics.


SOLD – Byron Bay floaty white cotton

Sold now thanks very much.

We are the start of the wrong season for this analogy but I’ll use it anyway because why not tuck away this length of perfect warm weather fabric as the seasons will change soon enough. This is a white cotton with that certain something that makes it an understated fashion fabric. It’s a lightweight breezy cotton with a delicate lattice or window pane weave and a slight crinkle…so much more than a just a white cotton and the sort of fabric that Easton Pearson would have worked with.


Aqua liliums silk/cotton voile

Please hold off on emails until I locate the piece, which is in my stash somewhere. Thanks.

I have hoarded this piece for a while; actually, I have hoarded 2 pieces of this lovely silk/cotton voile and I’m only relinquishing one of them.


This fabric was another one from the studio of a local designer; the one with the fantastic Armani-like taste. (more…)

Cheetah print silk/lycra charmeuse

Hold off on emails until I locate this piece.  It is in the stash, just have to put my hands on it. Thanks.

It’s a designer one, from M!lly.


Animal prints can be as bold or understated as you wish.  With this silk piece, I envisaged a classic shirt or simple top to be worn underneath a black jacket, or more casually, a cardigan.