Monthly Archives: February 2021

M!lly silk twill – from Rococo to Baroque

I have to check whether I still have this piece.  I suspect I have sold it. Hold off on emails for the moment thanks.

The M!lly designers certainly do a great job of mining classic design styles but giving them a twist to bring them completely up-to-date.


This silk twill epitomises that I think with its modern colouration and bold rendition of the graphics.


Aqua liliums silk/cotton voile

Please hold off on emails until I locate the piece, which is in my stash somewhere. Thanks.

I have hoarded this piece for a while; actually, I have hoarded 2 pieces of this lovely silk/cotton voile and I’m only relinquishing one of them.


This fabric was another one from the studio of a local designer; the one with the fantastic Armani-like taste. (more…)

Cheetah print silk/lycra charmeuse

Hold off on emails until I locate this piece.  It is in the stash, just have to put my hands on it. Thanks.

It’s a designer one, from M!lly.


Animal prints can be as bold or understated as you wish.  With this silk piece, I envisaged a classic shirt or simple top to be worn underneath a black jacket, or more casually, a cardigan.