Monthly Archives: March 2021

M!lly noughts and crosses Italian wool woven

Please hold off on emails until I locate this piece, which is certainly still in my stash. Thanks.

You see so many silks on this page but I’ve hardly had a chance to showcase my love of woollen fabric.  And it’s a lot of love!  This designer wool woven from the Italian mills is an example.


This weave in undeniably modern, combining as it does some traditional tweed weaves and then the polka dot weave in this colour-reversing noughts and crosses composition.


Liberty Art fabrics

I just need to check which Liberty cottons I still have. Please hold off on emails for the moment thanks.

I’m clearing my Liberty Art fabrics…at just $30 a metre.  Liberty lovers will know that the regular price in Australia starts at $45+ and can go as high as $60+.  I’m listing them all in this one post, so dive in and have a look.



Soft animal print cotton

I need to check whether or not I still have this fabric. Please hold off on emails until I confirm thanks.

If you’d like to do an animal print but in a softer palette this fabric is the go.