Big green embroidered blooms silk SOLD


A profusion of embroidered green blooms adorns this high-quality dupion silk. IMG_4803 This fabric was an exclusive fabric from one of the mills that used to produce some of the best embroidered textiles out of Rajasthan. The decline of high-value textiles in India, as elsewhere, is quite a sad story.  So many skills and capabilities are being lost. But, many lovelies like this special silk are still sought after and one can only hope some demand remain. IMG_4808 True to the fabric type, this silk dupion is a tightly woven and substantial silk.  Looking closely, you wouldn’t know it is a dupion as the weave is so fine.  The fabric is firmer, meaning that you could sculpt it into all sorts of interesting forms. Or keep it incredibly simple.  I showed this Miranda Kerr image before, but this fabric would look rather brilliant in a skirt like this (maybe a little bit modified in the bell effect) with a simple pull-on top. kerrf4fade4245aa874ac9a45da I took so many photos of this fabric!  I have to post lots as I can’t choose! IMG_4817 I did imagine both a skirt and a dress when I spotted this fabric, calling out to me from the opposite end of the room as it did.  And when I think of dresses, I always think of Anna Wintour.  Is there any woman in the world with as many dresses as her I wonder?  She has perfected the art of the dress.  I would probably take inspiration from her collection when thinking of the right dress for this fabric.  Or the first lady?  Her green dress looks pretty good, a lovely simple classic style. AnnaW1 Anna-Wintour-Costume-Center This fabric is 140cm wide. I actually have two lengths of this one.  One piece is 1.5 metres, and the other is 1 metre.  The silk was in the 60’s$$.  Similar embroidered silk dupion fabrics are priced right up into the $125 price range.  In the interests of keeping the fabrics moving along, I will drop the price right down and offer it at $47 a metre. I will be able to post the individual pieces in small satchels priced at $8.25 each.  If someone wanted both, the medium satchel at $13.40 would be needed. IMG_4814 Please see here for full details on payment and posting.  If interested, please click on the email link below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. (Australia delivery only thanks).  

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