Blue cotton/lycra medallions SOLD


I had a hard time choosing which fabric to post first!  But, taking the leap with this lovely cotton because the weather is warmer and this is just the most perfect piece of fabric for a spring skirt (pleats?), top or dress.


I bought this fabric in the NYC garment district.  It is an ex-designer fabric, may have been J Cr*w.  It certainly has that American sportswear look about it.

The fabric is 125 cm wide and the length is 2 metres.  The fabric weight is similar to a poplin, but softer.  You can see from the images (hopefully) that the fabric holds its folds and has a bit of structure to it.  It would be great as a summer dress, or I can see a pleated skirt.  Also, with the lycra content, you could do a great fitted shirt.  I had this in mind, with a plain white button band and collar.



(Image credits: Vogue Japan, Muse, Vogue USA, Net-A-Porter)

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