Brilliant designer wool/silk gazar SOLD


There is a story to this fabric, and a few people can probably tell the same tale. IMG_5411 I got this fabric from the wonderful Linda at Emma One Sock.  This is a J Mendel fabric and Linda got it in when it was still a current season fabric, meaning that very expensive dresses in this silk gazar were in the shops at the same time the fabric went up.  And they were pricey too, with the evening gown shown below in the thousands as I understand it. Well, I was totally drawn to the fabric but was trying to work out what I might make out of it.  Then poof, it was completely sold out in a stampede.  Hand wringing I walked away.  Then Linda was able to obtain another small bolt and I scooped up a couple of metres then.  I know lots of people missed out both the first and second times. JMendel Somehow this fabric leaves people in raptures and I can understand why.  The fabric is from the Italian mills.  The wool/silk gazar creates a fabric with a firm drape to it and it is definitely a medium weight fabric.  The pattern and colours are captivating.  Flowers in watermelon, aubergine and pale pink explode out from a dusty dark teal background fabric.  It is luxurious and feels luxurious. IMG_5416 If I were to keep this fabric I’d be copying this Marni skirt I think.  The structural nature of the fabric would be perfect for this skirt. MarniFF0102319304 - Copy The fabric width is 148cm and the length is 2 metres.  Linda charged US$52 for this fabric.  I will price this at $57 a metre/$114 for the piece, just to try to adjust a little bit for the exchange rate and postage.  If I were pricing on cost recovery the fabric would be closer to $70 a metre. And, Linda was offering a bargain.  A scan of wool/silk gazars in some of the NYC stores shows that a routine price is US$125. I can post this in the medium satchel (with tracking) at $13.40.  Please see here for full details on payment and posting.  If interested, please click on the email below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. (Australia delivery only thanks). IMG_5423 IMG_5424

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