SOLD – Byron Bay floaty white cotton

Sold now thanks very much.

We are the start of the wrong season for this analogy but I’ll use it anyway because why not tuck away this length of perfect warm weather fabric as the seasons will change soon enough. This is a white cotton with that certain something that makes it an understated fashion fabric. It’s a lightweight breezy cotton with a delicate lattice or window pane weave and a slight crinkle…so much more than a just a white cotton and the sort of fabric that Easton Pearson would have worked with.

This fabric did come from the house of an Australian designer but I can’t recall which one I’m afraid.

It also has some stretch to it – a bit of lycra – giving this fabric a fantastic bounce and body. It would work wonderfully well in a range of warm weather garments, or if it is cooler and you’ve made a top, would be a transition piece with a light weight cardigan.

The lattice/window pane is small scale which you can see in this following image, along with how the fabric takes some volume.

And another close-up.

This fabric is 115cm wide x 3.2 metres, plus there’s an extra 40cm on top of this but with a small square cut from the corner. I will tell you that when I pulled this fabric from the tub where I had it resting ready to steam and photograph, I thought I saw a small (very small) area of slight discolouration at a selvedge, maybe extending 2 or 3 cms into the piece. I went over and over this fabric again, pored over it, to try to find this spot. I suspect there was just a shadow cast over the fabric because I couldn’t find it again. But just in case, I will charge only for 3 metres, so about 60 cm of fabric here will be free of charge. I am letting this fabric go at $27m/$81 the piece, plus post. Please see the FAQ for full details on payment and posting.  If interested, please click on the email link below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. (Australia delivery only thanks very much).

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