Cavalli viscose/lycra remnant SOLD

Now for a remnant…but big enough for heaps of options.  This is a Roberto Cavalli viscose/lycra stretch fabric with a reptile print graphic over watercolour-type wash red and pink bands.


Looking at this image again now, it almost looks like a wood grain pattern in the mix, and I think I can see some Japanese textile influence in there too?

This fabric was very wide to start out with, it looks like it may have been about 180cm wide at least.  There are 2 parts to the remnant: one part of the length which measures 150cm x 80cm, then continuing on, a 60cm length by the full width, but not as a continuous strip following on from the main piece.  Rather, this 60 cm continues into what would have been the 180cm width of the fabric.  That might be about as clear as mud.  The images should do a better job of depicting this.

Cavalli fabrics have sold for a lot of money and this piece of stretch was no exception.  All in all, the piece measures a total of about 150cm x 1.4m.  I’m offering a really sizeable discount and will price the length at $25.  It can be sent in a small satchel at $8.25.  Please see here for full details of payment and posting.  If interested, please just click the email link below.



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