Celeste blue on cream silk/cotton SOLD


This lovely fabric ticks all the boxes – a real quality fabric, singing colours that will take the Australian light beautifully, super-easy easy to handle and sew…


It’s curious the associations the mind can make.  In a recent editorial in Vogue US put together by the great Grace Coddington there is an image of Miranda Kerr.  Actually, I think it is one of the best shots/best stylings I have ever seen of Kerr.  And as soon as I saw this image, I thought of this fabric.


I just love the casualness of pairing an easy pull-on top with the skirt with the trellised flower pattern, and I can just see this look working with this lovely celeste blue silk cotton.  But this is just what caught my eye.  This fabric is perfect for just about anything you want to make.

I’m calling it a dress weight fabric.  It is not light weight and it is not medium weight, but somewhere in between.  It is completely opaque.  It has a lovely soft hand and drapes and folds very nicely.  I’m afraid I can’t tell you the silk/cotton ratio, but it really is an excellent quality.  Also, it has some lycra in the blend too.  It is not a jersey, but a woven fabric with the lycra added for that extra give and flexibility.


This fabric is 114cm wide and the length is 2 metres.  The price of this fabric is $21 a metre/$42 for the piece.  I’ll be able to send this fabric in a small satchel at $8.25.  Please see here for full details on payment and posting.  If interested, please click on the email link below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. (Australia delivery only thanks).




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