Crimson stars viscose/lycra stretch SOLD


A lovely knit beauty this one, with a blizzard of deep red, snow and grey flowers storming the black surface of another wonderful quality viscose/lyric fabric.


This great knit is from the wonderful Emma One Sock.  I can’t say enough good things about Linda’s online fabric store and she thoroughly deserves the very loyal following that she has.

As soon as I saw this fabric appear, my mind shot back to some cardigans that Prada sent down the runway quite a few years ago now.  They were dyed in broad bands, with a tie-dye effects at the edges, and were styled as fitted numbers over lean skirts and pants, some with cinched waists.

Prada Cardigan

This fabric is nothing like a tie-dye, but it does feature bands alternating red/grey and snow/grey colourways.  So the image just came back to me, as these things do sometimes.  Which was annoying once it came back to me, because it then took me a very long time to wade through online to find the original collection.  But there it is.


I was thinking of making separates with this piece and got a bit of extra length to make both a Prada type cardigan and a top.  I wear endless stretch tops.  The most versatile item you can ever have in your wardrobe.  But, with the length you could also consider a Diane Von Furstenberg type wrap dress, a maxi dress, long pull on skirt…tons of possibilities.

This fabric is lightweight but quite dense, and opaque, so it is substantial at the same time. It has a lovely weight and drapes beautifully.  The fabric features a two-way stretch, more horizontal stretch than vertical, with excellent recovery.


The width of this viscose/lycra is 140cm and the length is 2.5 metres.  The fabric price is $23 a metre/$57 for the piece.  I guess if there were 2 people who were happy with a 1.25 metre length then I would be happy to cut the fabric provided both pieces were accounted for.

The weight of the fabric pushes this into the medium satchel size at $13.40, but just a reminder, I am always happy to keep fabrics aside to combine fabric shipments so as to save on postage.   Please see here for full details on payment and posting.  If interested, please click on the email link below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. (Australia delivery only thanks).



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