Edgy black/grey Italian jacquard weave plaid wool blend SOLD


Ok, the fact that I am listing this fabric means that I am now just reaching for the first fabrics that come to my hand, even if I adore them, rather than sorting into ‘I can part with/I can’t part with’ lots.


This is a designer fabric with a capital “D”, sourced from a sample room of a top NYC designer.

It is a woollen blend fabric with some man-made fibres creating all of these wonderfully different surface textures.  I’m calling the black background the wool and the gunmetal/silver threads the man-made fibres.  It comes from the Italian mills originally.  It  is described as a jacquard weave brocade fabric.  That is, the weave is a plaid, it is not a print feature.  You can see the fantastic weave here:


The fabric is a medium weight.  Don’t let the description ‘brocade’ fool you.  This is a soft and malleable fabric and you could work with a bit of volume with this one if you wanted to.  It is very sophisticated and what I would describe as an urban fabric.  I’m running low on time to do inspiration images now, but should you wish, you could treat this as an unconventional plaid and do Armani or Chanel-type jackets, or something a little more innovative in construction like the wonderful Marni tops and jackets I have shown many times over.  Skirts would work.  Fitted shell tops would work.  Or do as the name suggests, and make a classic brocade jacket.


The plaid repeat is 23cm/9″ in both directions, so it is the perfect scale.

I have two pieces of this fabric — I swooped up what I could get my hands on!  The width of the fabric is 142cm.  The smaller piece I have is a length of 1 metre.  Actually, there is 1.1 metres but a large swatch piece has been taken from the corner so I’m rounding it to the metre.  The longer piece is 2 metres.  The price is $30 a metre and I am dropping $$ with that price.  The 1-metre piece can go in a small satchel at $8.25 and the 2-metre piece will need a medium satchel at $13.40.

The 2-metre piece is pending now, the 1-metre piece is still available.

Please see here for full details on payment and posting.  If interested, please click on the email link below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. (Australia delivery only thanks).


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