SOLD – Hypnotic Black & White Marc Jacobs

Sold thanks very much.

Ok, so this has been one of my absolute fave fabrics for a long time. Again hailing from the NYC garment district, this is a fantastic designer fabric, Marc Jacobs, that can only have been inspired by hypnotic images, surely. Except better than them, the way the pattern is arranged and repeated in the length.

I am not 100% sure of the entire composition of this fabric. It is at least predominantly a viscose but could possibly be a blend. Whatever it is, it is a high-end designer fabric…I nearly fell over myself when I saw it was a Marc Jacobs…and buying this piece was an indulgent but compelling purchase for me at the time.

The fabric is 140cm side x 2.7 metres. My goodness it has wonderful weight and body. I loved handling this piece again, preparing it for these photos, enough to make me feel a bit sorry that I don’t sew anymore. Look at this wonderful drape.

Can you see in this next image how the fabric has a slight surface crimping? The fabric really does excel in both visual and textural quality. It is wonderful just running your hand over the surface.

I’m offering this piece at $46 per metre/$124.20 for the piece, plus post. Please see the FAQ for full details on payment and posting.  If interested, please click on the email link below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. (Australia delivery only thanks very much).

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