Indigo/white Ikat stretch cotton – Marant anyone? SOLD


This is not a Marant fabric but the instant I saw it I thought of Isabel Marant and her iconic jeans…low rise, cuffed above the ankle, graphic prints, the coolest jeans on the planet.


This fabric is a medium weight cotton stretch and it is made to be turned into jeans/pants.

I posted a length of this fabric in the earliest days of this blog but kept a length of this fabric back for myself, but I haven’t been sewing at all for myself and still need to clear so I’ve decided to move this piece on too.


It is the angle of my image that is a little skewed  here, not the fabric.  The Ikat pattern is perfectly aligned with the grain in the fabric.


This  piece is really wide at 155cm and the length is 2.3 metres, so you can probably do jeans and a skirt or shorts if you wanted to, if you want to do pants at all as of course it would work for shift dresses, jackets etc too.

The fabric price is $23 a metre/$52 for the piece.  Post will be in a medium sized satchel for $13.40.  Please see here for full details on payment and post.  If interested, please click the email link below, fabric details will appear automatically, and I will get back to you asap.

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