GONE THANK YOU Into the garden designer silk

Oh this piece is divine. It came from the New York City and I can’t exactly remember which high-end designer had this silk, either Pr0enza Sch0uler or JW Anders0n. I spotted this bolt in a whole tangle of fabrics and fell in love. Even when we had a lot of fabric stores in Australia we didn’t really see designer pieces like this.

This is a dress weight silk, just right if you are looking for body and drape and the right silk to hang perfectly. But certainly not only for dresses. You really could make anything right through to tops, skirts, flowy pants or even a jacket.

I don’t feel I have captured the loveliness of this fabric in my photos. Blurred neon pink and powder blue flowers and leaf-green buds dance over a dark navy background and it has a superbly moody character. The design gives a nod to more traditional flower print ideas but in an entirely modern way with the blurred outlines creating an abstraction of a flower garden. It makes me think of the photography art of Erik Madigan Heck, someone whose imagery epitomises the combination of leading edge concepts with traditional ideas. In this editorial for UK Harper’s Bazaar there is more than a nod to Monet and Giverny and yet the technique and intensity are fresh and modern.

But back to this beautiful piece of fabric on offer.

This piece is 145cm wide and the length is 2.6 metres. The price per metre is $65/$165 for the piece plus post (medium satchel). Please see FAQ for full details on payment and posting. If interested, please click on the email link below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. Sorry, Australian sales only at the moment.

I made a video of this fabric but it is so amateurish you may well laugh. My steamer is hissing and chugging away there in the background. Please try to ignore that!

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