Italian tweed/bouclé wool woven in complex purples & blacks SOLD


Bouclé and tweedy woollens are amongst my most favourite fabrics in the whole wide world.  An in my ideal world, I would have the time and fancy to sit down and pad-stitch and steam shape top quality woollens to my heart’s content.


In real life, the woollen is a little less violet than in this image, a softer, deeper colour.  But this image is good to show the depth and complexity of the weave and amazing woollen threads that have been brought together here.

This fabric originated in the Italian mills I understand.  It is a medium weight wool.  The weave is stable but soft and will be excellent to steam and shape if you like doing that sort of thing with your woollen fabrics.

The colours as you can see are a dense blend of soft purples (as I say, not as vivid as in these images) with nubbly contrasts in soft whites, pinks and blacks.


This wool woven would be perfect for French Ch@nel jacket and I have shown a contrast silk with this below.  The best French jackets have something amazing happening inside them now, much more interesting inside than the original Ch@nel jackets!  If you might be interested in that silk crepe de chine as a lining, let me know.  There’s a bit of length and I could measure some out.  Otherwise I will be putting it up sometime later as a dress length piece.  Might as well show it now:


Or, as I did buy a decent length of this, you could make a suit, coat or more casual outwear.

The width is 160cm and the length is 2.4 metres.  I’ll let this one go for $35 a metre/$84 for the piece.  I can send the fabric in a medium satchel for $13.40.

Please see here for full details on payment and posting.  If interested, please click on the email link below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. (Australia delivery only thanks).


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