Linen shot with pink weave

This piece is a dusky grey linen shot with woven pink and navy stripes. It makes me think of Morse code. I am pretty sure that there is navy thread in either the warp of weave of this linen. While I describe the base colour as grey, it has a blueish hue to it and catches the light in different ways.

This is an opaque linen but not the least bit stiff and has some nice movement in it. I wonder if there is a touch of a secondary fibre in it, like a bit of ramie. I’m just guessing, but there’s no question it is predominantly linen.

This linen is super-wide at 160 cm and there is 3.1 metres but let’s call it 3 metres. There’s tons of fabric here for multiple pieces. I brought this length back from the NYC garment district. I got a tremendous bargain and am happy to pass that on, marking this linen at $19 a metre/$57 for the piece plus post. Please see the FAQ for full details on payment and posting.  If interested, please click on the email link below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. (Australia delivery only thanks very much).

I photograph all of my fabrics in natural light. I didn’t realise how dark the light had become yesterday when I photographed this piece, as this video is quite dark. I will still put it up so you can see the scale of pattern and movement of the fabric. But the colour is not true here. The true colour is in the first 2 images I’ve posted here.

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