Little French Jacket Anyone?

Here’s the first of a few fabric pairings I will have to make the most perfect French jackets. These are, of course, styled on the famous Ch@nel couture jackets, which feature a tweed (mostly) outer fabric and a quilted lining…all hand-tailored and moulded beautifully to the individual. That’s the version that many sewists have gone to couture classes to learn about. It’s a wonderful goal for enthusiasts. Of course, there’s a simpler version to be had with a great pattern, and machine instead of hand-stitches, because…time.

I have collected authentic fabrics for just this purpose and have made a couple of French jackets which I have adored. But my sewing days are over I think. So I am letting these fabrics go. This is a length of Ch@anel wool blend tweed boucle, paired with a stunning ellipses silk for the jacket lining, quilted or otherwise.

The tweed boucle is a bed of wine, dark brown/black and red woven nubs, punctuated with bright green, grey, yellow and blue. It is a pliable and soft fabric but with a light-ish wool weight; it is certainly not a stiff tweed but will be quite lovely to work. The composition of the tweed will be mostly wool with this one, with some viscose and other fibres to create the tweed effect. The silk (100%) is just beautiful. It has such body and drape and a great weight. You don’t necessarily need these in what will be a lining but it will add superb body to the jacket. This silk goes magnificently with the tweed boucle.

The Ch@nel wool tweed/boucle is 140cm x 1.6 metres and the silk piece is 120cm x 1.3 metres (sufficient for lining). Both fabrics are from a shopping trip in New York City quite a few years back now. The Ch@nel is $85/m ($136 for the piece) and the silk is $45/m ($58.50 for the piece) , total $194.50. Plus post (extra large satchel will be needed). Because of the pandemic conditions and the time delays with international post, I am selling only in Australia at the moment. If you would like this pair of fabrics, please click on the email button at the bottom of this post and an email will come straight to me..

I am trying some video now to give you a further view of the fabrics. Can’t say that my filming skills are much good, but it’s a start.

Here’s a great article on the making of a couture French jacket with Susan Khalje. And I wanted to show you this view of a French jacket, which shows just how much fun and how stylish a well-considered lining can be. Image credit Jstarr4250 at the last link.

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