Lovely new Missoni SOLD


There’s always something a bit uplifting about running your eyes over a Missoni fabric I think.  The colours are so happy and joyous and singing together in harmony.  And even those who may prefer the most monotone palettes will still be pleased with Missoni colours.


This one is a viscose/wool blend fabric. 

It hails from the garment district in NYC from a place that specialises in Missoni lots. I thought I had an image of this fabric in the shelves in the NY shop, but no.  Messy as this photo looks, he’s a few humungous bolts of other M fabrics.  I had a length of the Missoni on the bottom left that I listed when I first started this blog.


Suffice it to say with the way our dollar has crashed now against the US it might be a while before I’ll be off snooping around the fabric (or any other) shops in the US.

But back to the listed Missoni fabric.  This viscose/wool blend is a perfect mid-season fabric.  It would be classified as a mid-weight Missoni fabric, yarn dyed of course, but there is also nice lightness in some of the weaves…not transparent at all, but there is a lot of breathability in the fabric.


The fabric has a gorgeous springy quality to it.  It has moderate 4-way stretch.  I think this offers interesting garment possibilities, like cutting part of a garment on the horizontal or vertical grain, and then cutting another part, say the bodice, on the diagonal.

The Missoni dress below, second left, has a diagonal piece in the mix.  Quite a few garments lately also show piece work where plain colour contrasts feature.  There is tons of Missoni inspiration around!



Above are Missoni designs from the massively successful Missoni for Target collection.

Or avoid any agonising about what to do and simply seam a couple of straight pieces together and run some elastic or other gathering feature through the waist for a brilliant skirt – couldn’t be easier!


This length of fabric is 135cm x 2.2 metres.  This fabric was priced at $70 USD a yard.  In Australia, Missoni is priced around $100+ a metre.  There is one small flaw in this piece.  A few threads have started to come loose in one of the chevrons close to the selvedge of the fabric.  See the photo at the bottom of this page.  It is an easily mended loosening of the weave. But because of this, I will price this pieces at $60 a metre, and only charge for 2 metres.  So the total price will be $120 for the piece.

Missoni 2

I will need to post this is a medium satchel for $13.40.  Please see here for full details on payment and posting.  If interested, please click on the email below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. (Australia delivery only thanks).


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