Missoni – blue blend wool SOLD


The cooler seasons will be upon us before we know and I for one can’t be happier as I am a true winter lover.  I have a very big stash, full stop, and it includes a fair share of woollens and cooler weather fabrics.  I do need to cull some, and my Missoni fabrics are amongst them.


I hasten to say that I have collected more than a few Missoni pieces over the years so I am not giving them up entirely.

This particular Missoni fabric is a wool blend knit, mostly wool, with some other fibres blended through, including a bit of an eyelash effect dappled through the chevrons.

The colour palette is fantastic and just made to go with denim if you’d be aiming for a more casual effect, with a dominance of blue in several shades, light grey, off-white and occasional punctuations of watermelon and crimson.  The colours are masterful, as they always are with Missoni.

If I were sewing, and therefore keeping my fabrics at the moment, I think I would go for a loose slouchy cardigan like the following for this Missoni, as the weight, drape and composition would all be perfect for a slouch cardi.  And I would wear it with jeans and white t-shirt.


This is a Missoni cardigan by the way, they can do monotones!


This fabric is a medium weight, and has a 3-way stretch: horizontal, vertical and diagonal, with enough but not too much stretch. That makes it a wonderfully versatile fabric.


Of course, you could opt for many other garments…coats, vests, dresses.



This Missoni coat worn by the extraordinary Giovanna Battaglia is an all-time favourite.  One day I will reproduce something just like this.

This Missoni piece is 150cm in width and 2 metres in length.  This fabric was priced at $70 USD a yard.  In Australia, Missoni is priced at $100+ a metre.  I will offer this for much cheaper than I paid, at $63 a metre/$126 for the piece.


I will need to post this is a medium satchel for $13.40.  Please see here for full details on payment and posting.  If interested, please click on the email below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. (Australia delivery only thanks).

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