GONE NOW THANK YOU – Missoni returns

I only have a couple of Missoni pieces left and this is one of them. Featuring the signature zig-zag pattern and perfect blend of colours, the Missoni lengths are perfect for wraps but I especially love them for coats.

This length of Missoni is a wool blend, in perfect purple, aqua, ochre, black and brown zig-zag combinations.

My photos here left a lot to be desired, sorry, I can see the first photo is a little blurry now, but I hope you get a good idea. Here is the large view of the piece. The colours are dull I’m afraid in this shot. The true colours are in the close-up above.

Here’s the bolt of this Missoni resting on a cart in a NYC fabric shop before I bought this length and brought it home.

It’s a myth that stripes cut cross-wise are unflattering, as Missoni proves with it’s designs. Look at this gorgeous coat, from one of Missoni’s look books.

You could easily do a coat like this in the listed fabric. Or look at this vintage number, another way to work horizontal stripes. See more images at the 1st Dibs site. (Image credit 1st Dibs).

Goodness, this is amazing too. Also 1st Dibs.

There’s lots of yardage to work with in the piece to hand. The fabric width is 150cm and the length is 2.3 metres. Missoni fabrics are expensive, not surprisingly. When Missoni pops up in Australian shops – rarely but it happens – it retails for $120+ a metre. I paid quite a bit for this in NYC and am marking this fabric at less than I paid for it at $75 per metre/ $172.50 for the piece, plus post (extra large satchel needed). Please see FAQ for full info on payment and postage.  If interested, please just click the email link below, the fabric name comes up automatically, and I will get back to you ASAP with payment details.

Here’s another fabuluos video where the steamer is huffing and chugging away in the background.

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