Miuccia and the grommets

Before Proenza Schouler did their fantastic thing with the grommets (see the post underneath this one) they probably went back over the archives and checked out how Miuccia Prada incorporated them into garments.


No doubt others have embellished with the grommets before, but did anyone make them such a design feature as this?

And how very Prada it is, building semi-industrial facets into her garments, as after all, they have mostly served as a joining function in work clothes and bags.  In the same collection, Autumn/Winter 2005, Prada made crocheted embellishments the other key feature.  It is so discordant, grommets and crochet together, but my goodness, it works.  The grommets have stayed with Prada in collections here and there ever since.  Others have adopted the feature, but until Proenza Schouler produced their digital/grommet collection, no-one had surpassed Miuccia.

I have very successfully added grommets to pockets and cuffs – it is easy to do, think about it, such a great feature to elevate your garment to the next level.  I am still to add grommets in many rows and rows around the hem.  One day.

So this is Burberry on the bottom.  And the new Louis Vuitton on the top.


And then a close-up of how Proenza Schouler took to the grommets with zeal.




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