Pink daisies viscose/lycra stretch SOLD


For the lovers of stretch fabrics here is another quality viscose/lycra with a pattern of charming small scale daisies.


The fabric is a lightweight to medium one but it has a bit of weight to the drape, so tops, dresses, whatever you may make, will fall and hang really well.


I have done tons of inspiration images for stretch fabrics in other posts.  If you click the tag “stretch” in the right hand sidebar the relevant posts with the images will come up.

The fabric width is 160cm and the length is 1.8 metres.  The fabric price is $21 a metre/$38 for the piece.

I can post this in the smallest satchel (with tracking) at $8.25.  Please see here for full details on payment and posting.  If interested, please click on the email below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. (Australia delivery only thanks).


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