Payment methods and purchase guarantee

I will only transact using PayPal.  I do this because it gives you, the buyer, extra confidence because of the PayPal guarantee for all purchases.

I can give you my very strongest personal undertaking that you can buy here with confidence.  I have sold on Ebay a lot and have nothing but impeccable ratings.  I have sold a lot of yarn on Ravelry and have great friends there too, never, ever a problem.

PayPal guarantees though are an extra reason to have confidence in the transaction.  Hopefully, once you get to know me, you will clearly see that I bring integrity and the highest ethical standards to this site.

Post and tracking

I will only post fabrics using the trackable Australia Post satchels.  This is another protection for you.  I will provide you with the tracking number for your parcel once your fabric is packed and you will be able to go online and follow the delivery progress.

The AP satchels come in 4 sizes:

Small for $9.60

Medium for $12.85

Large for $16.40

Extra-Large for $19.40

I will have to go by both weight and dimension with these satchels.  I will advise which post option applies at the time of posting the fabric.

Australia sales only

Sorry, but I can only sell here in Australia.

How to buy

I will include an email link with each fabric post.  Simply click on this and an email will come up.  Pop the fabric name in the email subject-matter and send.

I will sell the fabrics on a first-come first served basis.  I will answer your email as soon as possible and confirm whether you are the first person for the fabric and request your PayPal address.

I will try to get back to you really quickly, but I cannot operate this full-time, so there may be a bit of a wait for a few hours for an answer.

Payment and combined shipping

I will send you a PayPal invoice for the fabric and the shipping.  I would like payment within 24 hours, thank you.  Fabric will be posted as soon as payment is made, and as noted, and tracking number will be provided to you so that you can follow delivery progress.

I am happy to do combined shipping, and am prepared to hold off on shipping for one week if there are other fabrics you think you might like to buy, provided that you pay for each piece of fabric as you go along.  Once you have finished shopping, I will let you know the outstanding balance for post etc.

If you would like some other arrangement besides this, please do ask the question.  I will try to be as accommodating as I can, all things considered.  I don’t know what to expect yet from this pop-up store, so I’ll just have to evaluate things as I go along.

Sales are final

All sales are final.