Stella McCartney summer campaign

The demands on fashion houses are so great now…many collections to design and fashion shows to present (resort and pre-fall shows now in the calendar too) and much higher expectations about the collection promos.  Now films are a big part of package.  Here is a charming video for Stella McCartney’s summer collection.

I love these dresses she did with the collage of different prints.

And the choice of music is interesting too…no surprises I guess…

Yes Dad Paul McCartney, from an ancient album he did called Ram, made not long after the Beatles split.


Songs from this album have made outings here and there.  I remember taking notice of the music – the song Uncle Albert in particular – in that scene from the movie Greenberg, where a rather whimsical/pensive Greta Gerwig twirled around in a room, dancing by herself.  It was a perfect scene.




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