Stunning designer antique/burnished gold silk brocade SOLD

I don’t have many fabrics for dressier occasions but this has been my prized piece since I got in in the NYC garment district many years ago.


It is such an exquisite fabric that I haven’t ever felt justified in chopping into it for what would probably be just one wear…now it is time this piece had a much more appreciative home. 

This silk brocade is a true designer piece – it’s an Osc@r de la Rent@, who is renown for his truly beautiful dress-up stuff.

I thought that I might contemplate making a fantastic evening jacket from this fabric.  And this would certainly work.  But if you are after a special occasion dress, then this piece couldn’t be more perfect.   If I needed a dress-up dress, which I don’t unfortunately, the Erdem dress in the middle of this collage here seems to me to be the perfect dress for this fabric.


This brocade is yarn dyed and woven with black and burnished/antique/dark gold silk threads.  I think that it is a jacquard.  I’m pretty sure it is pure silk.  That in itself is pretty rare as most brocades of recent times are a mix of acetate and other man-made fibres with a small proportion of silk.  Even though I use the word ‘gold’, it is an understated gold, not garish or too loud or too dressy.   When the fabric catches the light you can see the most glorious subtle lustre.


The brocade is a medium weight.  The fabric has a lot of body in it and moves beautifully.  It is not at all like the stiffer acetate brocades.  You will be able to work volume into your garment – such as a fuller dress – if you want.  See how beautifully the fabric takes the folds here.


I can post this in the medium satchel (with tracking) at $13.40.  Please see here for full details on payment and posting.  If interested, please click on the email below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. (Australia delivery only thanks).



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