Stunning Missoni wool SOLD


Yes, we are heading into our warm half of the year, but there may be some lovers of fine designer wools who keep an eye out for the next great piece of fabric, no matter what time of year.  And this stunning Missoni wool certainly qualifies as worthy no matter what the weather.


I bought this from one of my very favourite fabric vendors on 35th Street in NYC.  This store buys direct from Missoni mills.  There were a few rolls this time I visited, but there was only a very small bolt of this particular fabric, so I snapped it up.  Of course, a big piece of woollen fabric is a great thing to cart home in a suitcase, not, but I loved it so, and always knew I wanted to make a coat just like this one worn by Giovanna Battaglia. (I have a heap of Missoni I’m not giving up, the coat will still be mine).



In Australia, Missoni sells up to $100 a metre.  In the States, the wools usually sell around US$60 – $70 a metre.  I will discount and sell much cheaper than I bought the fabric, at $64 a metre.  The fabric width is 140cm, and the length is 3.3 metres, but I will throw in the 30 cm at no charge.  That makes the total $192, and I will need to post this is a large satchel, for $16.70.  Please see here for full info on payment and postage.  If interested, please just click the email link below, the fabric name comes up automatically, and I will get back to you ASAP with payment details.

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