Stunning Osc@r de la Rent@ silk twill SOLD


Next up, a superb silk twill from the late great designer Osc@r de la Rent@.


The colours of this fabric are amazing — deeply saturated jewel tones of emerald green, amethyst and sapphire in a chalkboard sort of abstract pattern.  It is worth saying twice, the colours are simply stunning.

Oscar let the fabric take centre stage and made simple dresses, sleeveless, fitted midriff and full skirts.  This is absolutely a perfect design for the fabric, the skirt would be very swishy indeed.


The silk twill is a lightweight but still substantial.  It has got a fantastic ‘hand’.  I’ve draped this over a dress form to get ideas and a good understanding of how the fabric behaves and I can only reinforce it is the very best of silk twills that will perform superbly for you.


This is a dress length piece of fabric but of course you are by no means obliged to make a dress.  Skirts and tops would be equally perfect.  With the 4 metres in length here you could make separates like a skirt and shell top to get the extra versatility.  Or take Oscar’s lead and go for it, make a beautiful dress.



As I said, this silk piece is a dress length.  The width is 117cm and the length is 4 metres.  Maybe not everyone would be interested in the full 4 metres so I guess I could cut this in half and offer two lengths of 2 metres each, but only if the full fabric is accounted for.  I’m secretly hoping though that someone says hell yes! I’ll take the lot and make a dress to die for with it!


I understand that only a small amount of this fabric…a matter of a few metres here and there…made it out of Oscar’s studios on 7th Avenue in NYC to the fabric places, so it is pretty exclusive.  I’ll price the fabric here at $42 a metre.  The cost to me by the time it landed (yard to metre, exchange rate, shipping) price it at least $50 a metre, but I’m trying to keep the prices down on my little fabric page here.  Brilliant designer silks like this are twice the price of this in some other places.

I would be able to send this in a small satchel at $8.25. Please see here for full details on payment and posting.  If interested, please click on the email link below; fabric details will appear automatically and I will get back to you asap. (Australia delivery only thanks).









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