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Foil & foliage silk/lycra SOLD

This is a New York designer fabric, not sure which designer though.  It is a substantial silk/lycra fabric.


The fabric is fluid and completely malleable.  It has the texture of a crepe de chine, but it is much closer to a 4ply weight silk, though it falls just a little bit short of that classification.  It is a really top quality silk; just wonderful.


Sewing large print fabrics? Why Marni’s Consuelo is so clever…

I’m a huge Marni fan.  It wasn’t always that way though.  Before we were able to see the close-up photos, I liked Marni’s clothes from a distance but failed to fully appreciate her cutting genius.  Now that I’m able to enlarge screens and peer at the detail, her cutting is a revelation, and she’s had a huge influence on how I think about projects and my own approach to cutting.


What is her approach?  (more…)

Stylised Mums yellow tones cotton – Japanese? SOLD


I got this cotton from a local specialist fabric store and know that it came from one of the Australian designers at the time. Looking over it again now, I wonder if it might be a Japanese cotton.