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GONE NOW THANKS Anemone silk georgette

Can you spot the anemone? I used to plant them for spring and they are the most beautiful flower. I’m sure that they must have been at least some of the inspiration for this beguiling print, those glorious shades of raspberry, musk, violet and magenta positively singing across the fabric.

The view above is of the fabric doubled. Being a silk georgette (with a gentle crinkle) the fabric is semi-sheer. When given a base under the fabric the colour has a chance to explode and really show off. That doesn’t have to be a lining or a second layer. You could wear a top underneath and drape a top in this beautiful silk over it and achieve the same effect. But if you did want to put a second layer to this fabric for a dress, top or skirt, you can see the effect it has.


Stunning designer antique/burnished gold silk brocade SOLD

I don’t have many fabrics for dressier occasions but this has been my prized piece since I got in in the NYC garment district many years ago.


It is such an exquisite fabric that I haven’t ever felt justified in chopping into it for what would probably be just one wear…now it is time this piece had a much more appreciative home.  (more…)