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Fine Italian cotton via NYC

This cotton came from one of the higher-end shops in the NYC garment district which used to buy a significant lot of fabrics from the Italian mills that serviced the European designer community. It is a superb quality cotton, just so soft to the hand, lightweight but opaque. They got everything right with this cotton.


A burst of spheriforms cotton voile

This fabric was an Australian or New Zealand designer. It might have been Trel1se C0oper, but a bit of time has past since I rustled through my (enormous) collection of fabrics and I just can’t remember. If it wasn’t them, it was a designer in that milieu. I so love the colours here: persimmon, wheat, duck egg blue and manila against a warm brown background.


Cynthia Steff blues ikat crinkle silk SOLD


I’ve called this an ikat print because I thought it had some of the ikat features, but maybe it is actually more like a tie-dye effect?  Either way, it is a contemporary fabric from the New York design studio of Cynthia Steffe, who made the most adorable dresses in this fabric.

Fotor01026205418 - Copy


Stunning silk charmeuse with red, white and blue flowers on navy SOLD


Oh my gosh, the quality of this silk is sensational.


And so is the print design, the graphics…it’s just captivating! (more…)