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GONE NOW THANK YOU – Missoni returns

I only have a couple of Missoni pieces left and this is one of them. Featuring the signature zig-zag pattern and perfect blend of colours, the Missoni lengths are perfect for wraps but I especially love them for coats.

This length of Missoni is a wool blend, in perfect purple, aqua, ochre, black and brown zig-zag combinations.


GONE NOW THANKS – Armani red dimpled wool

Gosh this stunning red wool was hard to photograph. I am not selling the knitting yarn in this image but I found the only time I could get close to the true red colour of the wool was when another colour was laid against it to help the camera understand the colour values. While my photographing of this glorious Armani winter wool has failed this beautiful fabric, it means I am marking it at far less than I paid, so please read on.


Italian designer deep crimson roses wool woven SOLD


Now I know none of my images will be able to capture the full beauty of this stunning wool woven.  Trust me, it is swoon-worthy.


This image captures the tone and colours of the fabric as much as my camera will permit.  The actual colours are deeper and moodier and even closer in the tonal range than depicted here as my camera just loves to pick up the reds and highlight them.  I don’t know how to adjust that!


Multi coloured polka dot designer winter wool GONE


Oh what fun this fabric is!  This fabric is how you make sullen winter days a whole lot brighter…



Missoni wool SOLD


A billion $ fashion house built on a chevron pattern, that’s the genius of Miss0ni.  They have absolutely made the chevron pattern their own and all other designers who use the chevron are mere pretenders.

In this piece, the chevron is a small-scale one.  And how’s this exquisite colourway?!


They honestly blend colours like few others.  If you are a knitter, you might know the Noro yarns and that colour mastery.  Miss0ni and Noro are counterparts I think.


Stunning Missoni wool SOLD


Yes, we are heading into our warm half of the year, but there may be some lovers of fine designer wools who keep an eye out for the next great piece of fabric, no matter what time of year.  And this stunning Missoni wool certainly qualifies as worthy no matter what the weather.



Stunning Italian wool boucle plaid GONE

I’m sure there are wool devotes out there who are happy to look at beautiful wool fabrics no matter what season it is?  I love my wools, I really, really love them, and quite happily sew wools in high summer!


So, this is really a magnificent fabric. (more…)

Divine mustard crinkle wool/silk – Oscar DLR SOLD


I haven’t posted plain colour fabrics before on this site.  Prints are so easy to make interesting to the eye on a website; plain fabrics can go completely unnoticed.  But if you are a fabric connoisseur, please do take a moment to have a look at this divine Osc@r de la Rent@ fabric.

Chloe 1

Actually, that is a Chl0e dress there on the left from the pre-Fall collection that came out just weeks ago, not Osc@r, but shows just how gorgeous this colour can look, and it is definitely a colour of the season. (more…)